Sales Force Automation
Increases the productivity of your agents
Increase Productivity Agents
Agent Task Automation
Fast take-up and validation of field orders
Daily Activity Monitoring
Due to the fact that each agent will be connected to the application BRYO (BryoApp) they will be able to set in real time the schedule of future days, routing daily, will be able to take commands directly from the mobile device
Agents will have access to their own customers, each of whom has personalized prices, discounts and promotions
Taking orders will change radically, with the old system still a sad memory.
Supervisors will discover in the APPLICATION BRYO a reliable friend. The daily report per agent generated by BryoApp provides useful information about the work done by each seller: meetings, phones, emails, orders, sales generated, route
Orders, proforma and tax invoices can be generated from the customer's premises in seconds.